About Escape Room Games

These are the type of games whereby a group of players has to find their way out of some room over a short time usually within an hour by discovering clues that will help them solve the puzzle. Today we have many games that offer you escape room experience.

Those people who play escape room gameplay as a group of five to ten people. They usually play in locations such as prison cells, space stations, or dungeons whereby you’re given a puzzle of breaking out and you have to solve it so that you win the game.

Players are introduced to the rules of the game and then they are shown how to win. It’s usually expressed in the form of a video. After this, the timer is started whereby they’re given 45 minutes to solve the puzzle. It’s during this time that the participants find clues on how to solve it so that they progress to the next stage. Once they accomplish that puzzle, they progress to the next stage.

What special about escape room games is that you’ll have to think a lot for you to progress to the next stage of the game. At some point, you’ll find that the participants have got stuck. There is some mechanism whereby they are helped either through audio or writing for them on a paper.

When it reaches a point whereby the time is over and the team has been unable to solve the problem, they are escorted out of the room. A new team is then ushered in which takes up the new challenge now.

On the other hand, when the team reaches the final stage, they’re declared winners. You’ll find that in some places they’re even placed on leaderboards.